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Do you lead a management team with highly qualified specialists who also have management responsibility themselves? Are you out of the office twice a year to discuss the annual planning, strategy, current projects and other important things? The mood is pretty good every time and even very good in the evening? Nevertheless, from your point of view, the days are still not going optimally - too many trench warfare, ominous alliances, too much time occupied on sidelines, often tedious decision-making, etc.? Is that only the case with us? Is that up to me? Or the occasional moderator? The answer is probably NO three times.

The stronger and more diverse the personalities ...

... the greater the need to deal with "soft" topics such as trust, conflict handling, commitment, assumption of responsibility and real interest in results. If you really want your annual meetings to be more effective and efficient, then you need to have the courage to tackle these very issues. Not once, but until it really works in practice. An investment that will definitely pay off.

Aroused interest?

Count on our many years of experience with top executives from a wide variety of industries. We are happy to take up the challenge! And you?

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"Team coaching in the truest sense of the word! The three strategy seminars held together were an inspiration ... Merci Franky!"

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