Team Coaching - virtual - of course it works!

Team Coaching: a question of style!

Maintain the team feeling during these times or even strengthen team cohesion? Of course it works! In fact, it is extremely important so that there are no nasty surprises even after reunification.
As a team development coach, we see ourselves primarily as a professional companion in a team process. The coach is not in the center himself, but initiates the necessary development steps from a wide range of exercises and tasks that also work virtually. In doing so, sensitive topics should, no, have to come to the table, but in a way that is based on fair play and respect.

Preparation is half the battle

Tailoring a virtual team coaching precisely to the needs in advance is more complex than in normal times, as there are more unknowns. It is important to respond subtly to current topics and problems of the participants without losing sight of the goal. This requires in-depth psychological knowledge and corresponding experience and flexibility in the virtual management and moderation of group processes - you can expect both from us.

In general, the following procedure has proven itself in preparation:

  • Discuss the procedure (topics, current situation / goals)
  • Conception of the process (stages, content)
  • Execution
  • Internal implementation in virtual everyday life (transfer)
  • Follow-up (clarification and consolidation)
  • Evaluation

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"Frank, you always manage to make workshops with you an absolute enrichment, both professionally and personally."

Martin Rohrer, Business Unit Manager, IT Services Post

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