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Since 1989, sports psychologist Frank Trötschkes (FRATR) has been working successfully with athletes, coaches and sports teams who all have the same goal: as professional athletes, they want to explore their personal limits in their respective sport. Of course, the mental aspect is always only one piece of the puzzle on the way to success - but often an essential one! Therefore, the unwritten rule applies: If two athletes are equally strong in terms of performance, then the mentally stronger one will win. However, achieving the best possible performance at the crucial moment is usually the result of long-term work in the mental area.

Since 2017, Frank Trötschkes has been supporting (future) top athletes who are not only interested in overcoming a current crisis, but who really want to develop into the world's best. The starting point of the cooperation will usually be a few tests, which should guarantee that the cooperation will be highly individualized. After that, Frank Trötschkes works with a very broad mix of methods, which aims to move closer to the top of the world step by step.

Ramon Zenhäusern and Joana Hählen

have proven that this mix can very quickly lead to potent success, provided the performance requirements are met. Training world champion is therefore not a bogeyman, but the most important proof that the prerequisites are in place to be successful even when it really counts.

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Ramon Zenhäusern

Photo: © 2019 by Frank Trötschkes

“I haven't been an advocate of sports psychology and mental training for a long time. However, since I've made an effort to get the performance to the point in the past, I decided this spring (2017) to upgrade in this area. Frank was the ideal man for it. With his 30 years of experience in various sports and as a successful businessman as well as his sincere, honest manner, he was able to help me enormously in the mental area. The outstanding results of this winter with the 2 Olympic medals in South Korea, the 1st World Cup victory in Stockholm and another podium place say it all!
Thank you for your tireless efforts, Frank! “

Ramon Zenhäusern
Olympic champion team competition 2018, Olympic runner-up in slalom 2018
World champion team competition 2019
4 World Cup victories in slalom
Currently No. 3 in the slalom world rankings


Joana Hählen

«I've tried a lot in the field of mental training. However, I never had the feeling that I could get the best out of myself. I wasn't consistent enough and questioned a lot.

From the first time we met, I felt a connection with Frank. Our work didn't start until the beginning of 2020, but just 3 weeks later I was able to celebrate my first podium. Frank can inspire me with his vast experience, his passion for sport and his open and exciting personality. I'm looking forward to everything that is to come, it has only just begun. Thank you very much."

Joana Hählen
 Swiss National Ski Team


Coach the Coach program

The delicate cooperation with coaches and teams

During my almost 30 years as a sports psychologist, I have found time and again that there is still a certain fear of contact when sports psychologists work with top-level teams. However, trainers such as Jürgen Klinsmann have proven that such a collaboration is just as professional as the involvement of the best conditioning trainers or physiotherapists. However, a smooth and trust-building introduction via the coach is important for a project to be successful.

An extremely useful tool for top coaches

For a few years now, top football and handball teams with the so-called Reiss profile have been used in Germany.

This profile makes it possible to better grasp the individual player in his or her whole uniqueness and thus to coach them in a much more individualized manner. As a certified Reiss Master, Frank Trötschkes has developed a grid for football in recent years, which enables the ambitious coach to lead his players on and off the field in a highly individual manner. These individualized coaching aids are possible for every (team) sport.

Are you a coach or a manager

a club in the Axpo Super League or another ambitious club? Then it might be worth contacting to get a coaching bonus that may be decisive.


A non-binding contact will clarify whether a cooperation makes sense.

A click on the following link will give you an initial insight into what you will receive as a coach. Of course, it won't just be one piece of paper.

Reiss scheme.pdf

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“Even a coach needs coaching!

So that we can look after our athletes, help them develop their personality and achieve their top performance, every good coach needs a guide and appropriate further development. "With the Trötschkes Training Centrum, we have had the ideal partner for this for years.

Michel Kratochvil, Michel Kratochvil Tennis Academy; formerly ATP No. 35



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