Not all training is the same - not even virtually

Performance and commitment, fun and well-being, personal responsibility and action orientation, power and recharging batteries - these are just some of the terms that shape our thinking and acting in the area of ​​training. We communicate these basic ideas quite openly because we are convinced that the philosophy of the trainer must match that of the customer in order to achieve optimal results.

But we're not performance freaks, we're performance fans. Every activity is more fun if you master it really well. “Always getting 1% better” is the real deal of the successful, gives you power, confidence and energy, provides daily motivation, is contagious to the other team members and also has a convincing effect on customers. Would you also like to feel (even) more of this power and winning mentality in your company?

Leadership training ...

... can only bring sustainable success if a company attaches importance to a "Unité de doctrine" of its executives. This includes a contemporary leadership culture and philosophy, executives who set high standards for themselves, executives who can challenge and empower to create a motivating environment. This is especially true in these difficult times, when social contacts are limited. That is exactly what we want! We work systematically with the participants on their personal development and skills on a behavioral level and consistently encourage them to actually implement the Know-How in everyday situations. The motto is: "Just do it - now!"

A LEADER is one who goes the way, knows the way and shows the way

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Leadership "Basics" with ZOOM or LIVE

The compact training offer for beginners

Since the last year of the last millennium, the TRAINING CENTRUM has been responsible for the basic management training in one of the largest Swiss companies with great success. We successfully carried out this program more than 40 times between 1999 and 2006. This is how the compact “Leadership Basics” know-how package came about, which we also offer INHOUSE other companies.

Leaderhip basics

The “Personal Effectiveness” module serves as the basis , in which the focus is on personal development (attitude, personal responsibility, etc.) and dealing with one's own time and energy.
Next, the "Leadership" module taks your executive function under the microscope, with topics such as being aware of your actions as a role model, adapted leadership style(s), employee motivation, communication, employee coaching, and many others.
Finally, in the “Team Leadership” module, topics such as conflict resolutions, dealing with change, team building & development, etc. are targeted.


Basic Do-How: 6x2 hours (per module) -> 3 modules
Pricing: Flat fee for a maximum of 16 participants

Contact us so that we can tailor the offer to your particular company situation.

The various options of this high-quality leadership program for your company can be clarified in a non-binding initial telephone or personal interview. I look forward to your call!

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 "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."
Michael Jordan (1963 - )

NBA basketball player, now a successful businessman



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